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- bringing your life back into balance

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About me

Hello!  I'm Alan.

I've been meditating for over 30 years and discovered its practical applications to daily life - mindfulness - about eight years ago.

I'm an accredited Breathworks teacher delivering the Mindfulness for Stress and Mindfulness for Health courses.

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Mindfulness is our capacity to attend to the present moment. Most of the time we live our lives in our mind; planning for or worrying about the future and remembering the past, good times and bad (usually bad!). Even when we are in the present moment we can be caught up in our expectations and judgements about it, so we end up thinking about the present moment rather than just being in it.

This lack of mindfulness can result in many problems including dissatisfaction with life, stress, fatigue and being unable to sit down for long.

Current events

Weekly meditation sessions

Every Monday evening @ 7

Join a small group of practitioners for a 30 minute meditation on Zoom

Please contact me below for login details

'Mindfulness for Stress' course

My next 'Mindfulness for Stress' 8-week course will commence on

Tuesday 27th October from 6:30pm to 9

and then every Tuesday evening until 15th December.

The course will be online on the Zoom platform.

On the course, you'll become familiar with key mindfulness concepts, such as:
- primary and secondary suffering, i.e., how we make an unpleasant experience worse,

- negativity bias - why we more often see the glass as half empty,
- noticing our thoughts - and what to do with them.

You’ll learn the core meditation practices: body scan, mindfulness of breathing and mindful movement and decide what works best for you.

Mindfulness isn't just about sitting or lying quietly by ourselves and you'll learn a number of different techniques to become more mindful in daily life and, ultimately, to be more in control of your life and feel less stressed

- responding to events rather than just reacting.

The cost of the course is £150 which can be paid by instalments.

There is a concessionary rate of £100 for full-time students and people receiving tax credits.


E: newmindfulness


M: 07816 988124


- a few short meditations from the

8-week course