MfS course

North East Wales (NEW) Mindfulness

- bringing your life back into balance

Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress

An eight week course for learning strategies and approaches within a supportive and friendly group setting.


In the Mindfulness for Stress course you will learn:

  • ways to reduce stress and become more resilient, calmer, happier and inspired.
  • how to apply mindfulness to all aspects of your life, giving you more choice in how you respond to life’s challenges.


The course includes:

Four mindfulness practices:

  • body scan
  • breath meditation
  • mindful movement
  • kindness meditation

Mindfulness in action includes a number of small things (micro-practices!) that reduce stress while going about your daily activities.

New ideas and ways of looking at problems that can transform the way you experience your life’s challenges.





M: 07816 988124

f: newmindfulness

t: new_mindfulness